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04-09-2017: MOSTRA FOTOGRAFICA. Pedavena, 14 settembre 2017

07-08-2017: new cover. Summer plumage for the female ptarmigans.

30-07-2017: Dolomiti Première! This dormouse has been choosen as a symbol of RESPECT for all forms of life in this noticeable magazine dedicated to Dolomites.

26-06-2017: new cover! The delicate graphisms of the rare and elusive Vipera ammodytes in Belluno Dolomites.

18-06-2017: new picture of a female asp viper in DB National Park.

12-06-17: RESTYLING of the website with new sections and galleries. ENJOY!


InCanto. Vita selvaggia nelle Dolomiti Bellunesi
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